is a broad spectrum fly fishing company that provides recreational fly fishing services and state of the art fly fishing equipment. The company was founded by Lee Davison’s passion for fly fishing and all things related to the sport. Lee is a Federation of Flyfishers (FFF) Master and Two Hand Casting Instructor, President of the FFF Western Rocky Mountain Council , a member of The Snake River Cutthroats (local TU & FFF chapter) and a licensed Idaho Fishing Guide with over 28 years of experience on the North and South Forks of the Snake River. Lee holds a degree in Business Management from the University of Texas and has extensive experience as a Project Manager for the Idaho National Laboratory and several large U.S. engineering/construction firms.

Lee combines both a calming patience and an infectious enthusiasm for introducing fly fishing. He teaches casting techniques that build confidence and skill in his angling students.

He’s been hooked on fishing ever since his Dad and Grandpa first took him, at age 5, on a quest for blue gills in an old wooden row boat on an Illinois strip mine lake. Lee has fished the waters from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico, but home water for him is the beautiful Snake River and its blue ribbon trout fishing.


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Possible Trip Options:

The North (Henry’s Fork) of
the Snake is one of the West's premier dry fly fisheries. It is
also home to feisty Rainbows
& colorful native Cutthroats.
While fishing, you will see an abundance of wildlife including moose, otter, Canadian geese, wild ducks, Blue Herons, Bald
and Golden Eagles.

North Fork –
Drift Boat

Day Rate: $435.00
(One or Two Anglers)

Premium Trips
Teton Canyon - $635.00

(One or Two Anglers)
Lower Mesa Falls - $585.00
(One or Two Anglers)

*All trips are booked
through Hyde Outfitters, licensed Idaho Outfitter.

Lodging Options: Snake River Outfitters works with local hotels, lodges and
bed & breakfast establishments to
provide you with accommodations
suiting every taste & budget.

Booking in advance recommended.
A 50% deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Plus 6% Idaho Sales Tax and/or 2% Travel Tax where applicable.

North (Henry’s) Fork of the Snake River - Guided Trips
Match wits with Idaho’s trophy trout on the world famous North Fork of the Snake River,
named by Trout Unlimited as the number one stream in the country. Refresh soul & spirit in our mountains, where eagles fly, osprey dive & the moose, unconcerned, watch you.
Experience the blue ribbon fishing only an Idaho snow-melt mountain river will provide.

Snake River Outfitters provides excellent guide & booking services through Hyde Outfitters –
licensed Idaho Outfitter for the North (Henry’s) Fork
of the Snake River. Let SNAKE RIVER OUTFITTERS, LLC customize a lodging/fishing package just for you and/or your family. In addition to premier blue ribbon fishing, other local activities available for
your vacation fun include:

  • A variety of beautiful accommodations for every budget
  • Horseback riding
  • Trail Rides to hear elk bugling.
  • Targhee National Forest
  • Hiking & biking mountain trails
  • Less than an hour away from Yellowstone Park

Corporate Rewards/Gift Certificates

Snake River Outfitters offers customized Corporate Rewards, Team Building Packages or Gift Certificates tailored to include your choice(s) of the following:

  • Casting Lessons (Spey or Single Hand)
  • Guided Trips (North or South Fork)
  • Flyfishing Gear (waders, rods . . . )
    from our On-Line Fly Shop

All guided fishing
trips include:

  • Licensed, courteous, enthusiastic, professional guides
  • Casting lessons on special request
    from a Federation of Flyfishers
    Certified Master Casting Instructor
  • Lunch, drinks & snacks
  • Tackle available upon request
  • Area specific flies guaranteed to
    help you catch fish or get wet trying
  • Shuttle from your lodging or vehicle
  • Hours of floating, beautiful scenery
    and fishing fun


• Licensed Idaho Guide
• Chairman FFF Board of Governors for the
Guide Association
• FFF Certified Master Casting Instructor.


  • Licensed Idaho Guide
  • Chairman FFF Board of
    Governors for the Guide Association
  • FFF Certified Master Casting Instructor.
Snake River Outfitters is currently planning destination
fishing packages for 2008. These will include personal casting
& fishing instruction at exciting locations including B.C.,
Alaska, Cabo San Lucas & the Bahamas.

Check back soon for forthcoming information!





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Favorite Summer Fly Patterns

Picking six flies from the multitude of summer patterns is a daunting task for anyone, but guides flail away where angels fear to cast. The decision factor is especially critical for guides, as they do not want to clutter the boat with more gear than they can easily handle, causing safety hazards for both captain and clients. Of consideration too, is the expense and effort required to tie one of everything.

Personal selection of flies is subjective and not something that is black or white, right or wrong. It’s okay to drink a Merlot with chicken and cast a pale morning dun after 12:00 noon. We all have preferences due to our own experiences and predilections. I've been surprised more than a few times by clients who tie on something I would never consider and then proceed to catch fish. Even my wife does this. Consequently, I have learned not to criticize anyone's choice of flies, dogs or their children's intelligence.

Now, my favorite summer flies:

South Fork Filet: Golden Stone

The adult Golden Stone could be one of the most under-rated flies on the South Fork. I am convinced that many of the larger dry flies produce takes by trout because they are mistaken for the adult Golden Stone which emerges from the upper Snake River over a prolonged period during early and mid summer, whereas the Salmon Fly hatch normally happens during a brief time frame and marches up the river methodically with few late hatching stragglers. The Golden Stone ranges from one to one and a quarter inches in length and has a pale yellow abdomen with gray overtones. A yellow stimulator provides a good imitation as does the larger Double Humpy or the typical foam bugs with some pale yellow sparkle chenille wrapping the hook. There's nothing like a big dry fly and willing trout to get your heart pumping again!
The Riffle Ripper: Parachute

I prefer the parachute pattern for smaller dry flies for a couple of basic reasons. First, I think they look good to fish from almost any angle, since the parachute gives the appearance of beating wings. Second, they float well in the film surface of the water due to the horizontal hackle configuration. And last but not least, you can select a variety of wing colors that provide added visibility over the traditional counterpart. Generally, I tie these in a size 12, 14, or 16, which covers most of the species coming off the water during the summer. Colors range from light yellow, light gray, light beige, and pale green. Keep a few dark ones just in case.
Shoreline Lunch Pattern: BFT

This is the acronym I use for the "big foam thing". An example of this pattern is the "Chernobyl ant" or "club sandwich". I prefer these with a little window dressing such as rubber legs, dubbing and hackle covered hooks, etc. This larger than life type fly is durable, floats like a flip flop, and actually produces a lot of action and large fish. Size is usually an inch to an inch and a half and can be light or dark colored. These are easy to tie and great for fishermen with limited vision.
The Deadly Dropper: Copper John

A small dropper trailed behind a larger nymph or dry fly is always a good idea on the South Fork or anywhere else for that matter. The Copper John is a consistent producer and an ample supply in different wire colors and sizes is a must for your terminal tackle arsenal. Size 12 - 18 should cover it. This fly, along with the bead head adaptations, can save the day when fishing the South Fork.

I like to fish the riffles, testing the water all the way with the parachute and a dropper. Don't pass up water that you think may be too shallow to hold large fish. A few casts in the shallow water before you walk through any riffles may surprise your wading socks off with a rapid strike and a lightning run to deep water!
Any time fly: Prince Nymph

This is a great producer and has provided many fly fishermen with hours of enjoyment. Don't leave home without it! Fish it near the bottom with little or no drag (dead drift). Focus on structure such as riffle drop-offs and deeper runs with moderate current.
Right time fly: Salmon Fly Nymph.

This is South Fork steak and potatoes during the early spring. I prefer long black or brown rubber-legs, fished deep and near drop-offs or any obstacle that creates a slow water asylum for hungry fish.

One last tip: Don't hesitate to vary the size of the patterns and fish the Rubber Legs with the Prince as a trailer or dropper. Fishing two flies will usually increase your catch and the leading line manufacturers strongly endorse it. Probably because it usually increases the use of tippet materials by a factor of ten!
The Tying Bench

Fly of the Month: Salmo Trutta Shore Lunch
Tying Instructions: This is a terrestrial attractor pattern that can be modified for simulating colors and variations of insects common
to the river you’re fishing. For the Southfork of the Snake, this means yellow and gold materials to simulate the Golden Stone or
grasshoppers. Materials Used: Iridescent materials generally work best such as antron and flashbou. An additional palmered hackle
on the body provides extra floatability and movement.

Lee’s Custom Fly Kit
South Fork Summer Special
This kit contains every fly you’ll need for the varied conditions encountered during summer fishing on the South Fork. These tried and true varieties consistently produce the Cutthroat, Brown and Rainbow action you dream of. Each kit contains 16 hand tied flies, condition specific information for when and how to use each fly, and a pertinent area river map in a clear, dual compartment fly case. Only $35 plus shipping & handling.




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